3 Statements That Guide Customers to the Next Step

Guide customers to the next step, or bring down the temperature in interactions, and slash talk time by explaining three things: Here’s what we knowHere’s what we’ve doneHere’s what’s next Was This Helpful? I’m asking […]

4 Things Chat Agents Can Do to Move Chat Interactions Along Faster

Here are four things you can do to move your chat interactions along faster. One. Check for understanding early on and as often as it takes. Don’t assume you understand what the customer is saying. […]

How to De-escalate in Chat and Email

We kicked off De-escalation Academy yesterday, and a student asked a question that I think is important for us to discuss here. His question was: “Our team is working 99% by email, will we able […]

Get Angry Customers to Back Down!

My Get Angry Customers to Back Down De-escalation Academy is the most comprehensive training for bringing down the temperature in interactions, redirecting conversations, and getting angry customers to back down. “Get Angry Customers to Back Down” is the […]

Instantly regain control of a conversation and de-escalate using this technique

When customers are venting, they’re stuck in the right side of the brain. We’ve talked about the right emotional brain and the Communication Chain. Here’s a tactic you can use to move on.  Ask your customer […]

Another Way to Say ‘No’ to a Customer

In my De-escalation Academy today, I taught how to politely yet firmly say ‘no’ to a customer. I call the method “U S A.” I’m sharing with you the very teaching from today’s workshop. Try […]

This Tip Will Reduce Agent AHT by Moving Customers Out of Venting

Twice in the last week, Contact Center Agents have reached out to me for help on reducing Average Handle Time (AHT). I’m listening, and I have an answer. I say “an answer” because I’ll be […]