Verbal Aikido Video Training Purchase

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  • Unlimited viewing of my Verbal Aikido video training for 12 full months.

  • Easy access online. Your employees just pull up the website and press play.

  • Nothing to download or install.

“Your videos and training materials have helped me tremendously.  My team members find the material easy to follow and are engaged in every step.”

Dr. Mayling Molina, Doral Center for Orthodontics

Key Take-Aways In My Verbal Aikido Training

  • Employees learn to address anger head-on – so they immediately establish themselves as assertive and in control.

  • The principle of acknowledgment – because when an angry customer feels truly acknowledged, they are less talkative and a bit easier to deal with.

  • Assertiveness – so that employees learn to say what they mean, mean what they say and not be mean when they say it.

  • The “3 closed-ended questions” technique – so your employees can instantly control any conversation with a rambler, storyteller or angry customer who keeps interrupting them.

  • A remarkable response to the customer who demands to speak to a supervisor – so your employees can politely de-escalate situations with impatient customers.

  • The Aikido principle of Force Never Meets Force – so your employees are never guilty of being defensive or going on the counter-attack with customers.

  • Your employees learn how to brilliantly pace an angry customer’s intensity or sense of urgency – so that they turn negative energy into positive forward-moving conversation.

  • How to blend with a difficult customer’s energy – so employees can make customers feel heard and understood because when customers feel understood, they begin to calm down.

“Myra’s positive attitude really makes me feel that one person can completely change another’s state of being.”

Pablo Martinez, Consumer Affairs Specialist, Kellogg’s


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