Digital Customer Service Workshops

  • Walmart eCommerce called Myra’s digital training “the gold standard,” and John Hancock remarked, The first thing that struck us was how engaging each module was….you are asked to participate in each module actively, and there are action items you take away.”
  • Myra customizes your digital training to your objectives. She meets with your management team through video before the workshop to discuss your challenges and goals. For contact center clients, Myra likes to review a random sample of phone calls to help her understand where you are today.
  • Your people will be involved and engaged! Digital workshops include engaging learning activities, scenarios based on issues you bring, guided small group discussions in virtual breakout rooms, chat interactions, role-plays, and PDF fill-in-the-blank-workbooks. Myra expertly manages non-engagement and silence to get your people to participate.
  • We facilitate training in short segments designed to optimize engagement. We deliver our digital workshops in two 2-hour and 15 minute sessions spaced over a couple of days or a week, with application exercises in between, which your team brings back for discussion. 
  • Myra is known for her high engagement, stories, and humor – your employees will love their digital training experience with her!

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Myra’s three-step “Instruct, Involve, Implement” framework keeps your team engaged, interacting, and executing new ideas!

Valuable worksheets and handouts enhance the training

We give your team handouts at the start of training, so they can follow all of Myra’s key points, and participate in learning activities. Because our digital handouts are digital fill-in-the-blank, participants don’t have to print – and they can save them on their computers for future reference.

Video Teaching

Myra facilitates training in virtually-there video!

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This is where the magic happens! Participants role-play real issues, coach each other, laugh, and learn in small groups. We break out in small groups 4 -5 times in each workshop segment.

Customized Training

You and Myra will hold a Discovery Discussion before your training so she can learn about your challenges, objectives, customers, and your employees.

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