What Aikido Masters Know About Handling Difficult People That You Don’t

What Aikido Masters Know About Handling Difficult People That You Don’t 


60-Minute On-Demand Video Training

What Aikido Masters Know About Handing Difficult People That You Don’t

5 Aikido Principles for Creating Calm, Defusing Anger and Moving to Closure with Difficult Customers

Creating calm with difficult customers is not a matter of using aggressive tactics. It’s also not about letting the customer vent until they cool off or you being a doormat. There are definite tactics, deployed strategically, that will position any customer service professional to create calm, defuse anger and assertively control conversations.

In this special online workshop Myra reveals the 5 Conversational Aikido principles she has adapted from her 15-year study of the martial art Aikido. Employees will walk away from this workshop with specific Aikido techniques and tactics to create calm, take control of the call, defuse anger and move the call to closure. Myra’s Aikido principles have earned rave reviews from such clients as Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Ally Financial, Nationwide, the Insurance Consumer Affairs Exchange and more. Read the training outline.

Learn basic Conversational Aikido principles to help you:

  • The 3 foundational principles for Aikido – Harmony, Non-resistance and Assertiveness– and how they give you power, control and success.

  • Why “serenity and maturity” versus “punches and power” is the most effective method for getting angry customers to calm down

  • Why force should never meet force in conflict situations

  • The psychology of consumer anger

  • Why you should see your difficult customer as a “partner” and not an opponent. Aikido masters always consider their opponent a partner and you’ll learn why.

  • 5 Aikido practices that I promise will make you more effective in handling difficult people

  • 6 ways to get your angry customer to calm down

  • How to strategically encourage calm with angry or aggressive customers

  • Ignoring the customer’s expression of anger is the WRONG thing to do– find out why you MUST assertively acknowledge your customer’s anger

  • Why you cannot rationalize or negotiate with an angry customer

  • The critical importance of reflecting back the customer’s intensity – and how to do it gracefully

  • The importance of identifying and neutralizing your own hot buttons

  • How to pre-empt an escalation in aggression

  • Why reducing choice, sounding formal, and causing a sense of helplessness will always arouse resentment in customers

Your training includes:

  • Unlimited viewing within your organization with no expiration

  • Rights to download and save webinar video

  • Rights to incorporate webinar within your Learning Management System (LMS)

What Aikido Masters Know About Handing Difficult People That You Don’t

60-minute video on-demand video training

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