Yay! You secured seats for your team in De-escalation Academy!

Thanks for enrolling in De-escalation Academy! The Academy starts January 12, 2021.

Inside De-escalation Academy, we release each training module day by day. We do this to help you stay focused, on track, and to eliminate any unnecessary overwhelm.

Here’s your Academy calendar.

Your calendar gives you the release date for each module. To support our global audience, we release modules the night before training day at 7:00 pm ET. So, Module 1 opens at 7:00 pm ET on Monday. 

We’ll send you an email about registering your learner(s). If you don’t see an email from us within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folder and reach out to us if no message appears in your inbox. 

Enrolling Learners

Note: If you enrolled five or fewer learners, no need to follow these steps. We’ll email you quick registration instructions.

To enroll your employees in the Academy, we need you to place your employees’ names on a spreadsheet with an .XLSX or .CSV extension. Specifically, here’s what we need:

– We create new student accounts with Email address, First name, and Last name data. 

– Your file must have an .XLSX or .CSV extension. 

– The first row of your columns must be column header names (i.e., First name, Last name).

Note: Your employees will set their passwords.

Here’s an example of what we need:

Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours by email to request your spreadsheet.