Your New eLearning Resources

Here are some helpful resources to get you started with your new online training.

Where is my login and password?

These details will be emailed to you. We generally email you within a few minutes, but it can take a few hours if it’s all hands on deck for a live training.

If you don’t receive an email from us today, check to make sure we are not blocked by your spam filter. Our email address is

Who do I reach out to for help?

Call us at 918-398-9368 or email us at

What should I do first?

First, we recommend you explore the learning library, reading outlines and actually watching the videos. Reviewing the videos will help you determine the best training path for your employees. Once we send your login, you can begin watching the videos.

Secondly, watch our short tutorial videos on How to Add Users, How to Run Reports and How to Expand Modules to Full Screen.

Website for online learning

We will create a custom url for your company. You will receive your custom url via email. We usually get your custom site created within 2 business days.

Custom Branding for Your e-Learning Website

You will have a custom url and you can also have your logo added to your eLearning portal, please send your logo to with the subject line: Please add our logo to our new training site.

How can I customize the training topics for my company?

You can pick and choose exactly which courses you want your employees to take. You can designate some courses as mandatory and others as optional.

From the list below, copy and paste the mandatory classes you want your employees to take in our Mandatory box. Note the Radio Buttons only allow you to select one course and we know this sucks. So, copy the courses you want as mandatory and place in the Mandatory box. Or, if you want ALL of our courses, just type “all” in the Mandatory box.

If you have any optional courses, place them in the optional box.

How do I add users to our online training subscription?

Depending on the subscription package you chose, you can have 5 to 500+ users.

You can add your own users to the system when you assign an Admin right here.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add your employees to the online training portal.

How do I generate reports?

You can run your own reports! We just need to assign an admin for your company. Please tell us who you want your Admin to be right here.

Helpful Tips for Viewing the Training Modules