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Telephone Skills. Empathy. How to Handle Difficult Customers. Call Control. De-escalation.

“When I needed soft skills and call controls eLearning modules for our customer care agents, it quickly became apparent that Myra’s materials were the gold standard.  After we selected her eLearning package, she and her team were amazingly responsive in helping us customize and implement them quickly.”

Betty Doyle, Sr. Learning Designer, Customer Care, Walmart eCommerce

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 Quite Simply, This is the Most Complete, Step-by-Step, Engaging Online Customer Service Training You Can Find for Your Contact Center – and at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Classroom Customer Service Training

  • Walmart called Myra’s eLearning the “the gold standard and John Hancock said, “The first thing that struck us was how engaging each module was….you are asked to actively participate in each module and there are action items you take away.”

  • We’ve gathered up all of the best training from Myra’s live, full-day workshops…the ones she delivers to companies like Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay and Vera Bradley  – and neatly packaged it in a new online customer service training that you can get delivered right to your employees’ desktops. All you need is Internet. Or, we can give you the SCORM files in zip format for quick uploading to your LMS.

  • Myra gets your agents to participate in exercises, leads them in setting actionable goals and she presents quizzes to test knowledge. You are granted access to run progress reports whenever you want -so you can see how your employees are coming along in Myra’s training.

 Course Modules

(When you enroll in our customer service online learning, we ask you which courses you want to make mandatory, which ones are great as optional courses and you even have the option to not offer some of our courses at all.)


  • Customer Experience Over the Telephone – So your employees can make a great first impression over the phone and end calls on a positive note

  • How to Talk to Customers –  So your employees can master the human relations skills that it takes to consistently deliver a delightful customer experience 

  • Empathy – So your employees instinctively put themselves in your customer’s shoes and respond with more care, concern and friendliness 

  • How to Handle Difficult Customers: 5 Conversational Aikido principles – So your employees are confident, assertive and in control when dealing with angry and agitated customers 

  • Call Control – So your employees can politely control calls with storytellers, ramblers and whiners

  • Email Writing: 3 elements of a great email customer experience – So your employees can craft personable emails that reflect your brand voice

  • How to De-escalate – So your employees can gracefully respond to the customer who demands to speak to a supervisor and they can assertively keep customers from escalating in aggression or anger

  • How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer: The 3 keys doctors use to give bad news – So your employees can deliver bad news with confidence and without fear of negative backlash

  • Complaint Handling – So your employees can handle problems in such a way that they completely restore customer confidence after a service failure

  • How to Rock Your Customer Service Job: 5 Traits of the Best Customer Service Professionals – So your employees have solid ideas and inspiration to  excel in their jobs

 We have full descriptions of each module, including how long each module is right here if you’d like to take a look.

Clearly this is the most complete, step-by-step, engaging online customer service training you will find anywhere for your contact center reps.

Myra’s online customer service training is perfect for:

  • Call centers struggling with call control and handling difficult customers

  • Call centers needing to focus on a warm, friendly customer experience

  • Customer-facing employees in any industry

  • Call centers struggling with high escalations

  • Training Departments that have gaps in soft skills to fill

  • Small companies that want to instantly improve the customer experience

  • Small businesses with a shoestring training budget

The first thing that struck me about Myra Golden’s eLearning module was how engaging they were.  You are asked to actively participate in each module and there are action items you take away.  The participant gets to see Myra and her captivating personality throughout the module.  These two features set Myra’s modules apart from other customer service modules, and our participants comment about how the time flies when they are taking them – another indication of their engagement! 

The second thing is that Myra and her staff live their lessons.  They are supportive and go above and beyond to make sure that we have all we need on the administration end of things and alert us if there are new or updated modules. 

This one-two punch knocks her competition out of the water! 

Kristin Augusta, Sr. Operations Manager, John Hancock


Training Features

Learn online

  • Super easy to access on our platform – just login and press play

  • Easily integrates into any call center SCORM/AICC Compliant LMS

  • 12-month access to training

  • Flexible course selection (Your employees don’t necessarily have to participate in all courses – You’ll choose the topics your employees need and they will only be presented with the courses relevant to your company)

  • Interactive exercises and thought-provoking questions to ensure the learning is adopted and applied

One exercise Myra asks her trainees to do in the course is to identify one thing they will START doing, one thing they will STOP doing and one thing they will CONTINUE to do. 

You can participate in this exercise too! 

  • Quizzes at the end of each module to test learning. (Your employees must score at least 80% in each module in order to “pass”


  • YouTube video skits with exercises to keep your people engaged, get them laughing and help make the learning “stick”

One of the videos Myra’s plays in the How to De-escalte module is from Jack Nicholson’s Five Easy Pieces. Myra plays the clip and then debriefs with your employees about what went wrong.

In the Empathy module Myra plays this powerful video from the Cleveland Clinic. She plays this video in every single live workshop on Empathy or Customer Service. After the video in our online training, she discusses with her virtual trainees.

It’s never been easier to get the exact customer service soft skills your employees need to deliver a delightful customer experience –  right at  their desktops.

And with a full money-back guarantee, there’s no way you can lose … except if you don’t get this training for your agents now.

It’s easy to get started.

We promise that if you invest in this training and use these methods, you will feel the wonderful results it can bring.


Sample 3 of Our Customer Service eLearning Modules Right Now


“Myra’s positive attitude really makes me feel that one person can completely change another’s state of being.” 

Pablo Martinez , Consumer Affairs Specialist, Kellogg’s

Your satisfaction is assured through our no-risk, money-back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren’t happy with this training, just contact us within 14 days and we’ll refund your enrollment fee.


“Myra’s program was excellent! One of the best training sessions we have attended -well presented. The session was very beneficial to our everyday job!”

-Shirley Perry, Michelin North America


You get access to training for 12 full months!

Tier I: Up to 5 employees- $599  Start training your employees right now

Tier II: Up to 10 employees- $999  –Start training your employees right now

Tier III: Up 25 employees – $2,500  – Start training your employees right now

Tier IV: Up to 50 employees- $5,000 – Start training your employees right now

Outright ownership of SCORM LMS modules (no expiration) – $7,500 –Get your SCORM or AICC compliant modules in zip files today

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