Gain the Confidence to Get Angry Customers to Back Down

De-escalation Academy is the only training for customer service that not only shows your employees how to redirect verbal aggression and regain control of interactions – but how to get customers to accept their word […]

How to Write an Apology Letter to a Customer

I feel icky writing this post. Last week I had to practice what I teach. My team enrolled a repeat client into our online De-escalation Academy, which we do every day for customers around the […]

Behind the Workshop – Filming Week at LinkedIn Learning

After three years, I’m back on set with my team at LinkedIn Learning to record two courses! My mornings start in the chair with celebrity makeup artist/makeup artistry career educator Tania Russell, who makes me […]

Curious about the ingredients in my workshops?

Curious about the ingredients in my workshops? A pinch of engagement, a dash of customization, and a whole lot of psychological tactics that build confidence for delivering bad news, controlling conversations, and de-escalating… Voila! You have the […]

Control Call Center Calls by Asking 3 Closed Ended Questions

To politely control calls, ask your caller three closed-ended questions, back-to-back. I learned this tactic from a former trainer of law enforcement. The Trainer helped police officers assert their authority and maintain control by having […]

How to Coach the 5 Most Underutilized Soft Skills What are the most critical soft skills for agents to get right? And how do you coach them? Whether you work in sales, customer service, or collections, agents must present strong emotional intelligence skills […]

5 Ways to Get Your AHT (Average Handle Time) Down Fast

One of the biggest challenges for contact center representatives is controlling conversations and guiding customers to the next steps and off the phone. This is particularly difficult when you give bad news or deny a […]

5 Effective Call Control Strategies for Contact Center Agents

Controlling phone calls; getting your average handle time down, known as AHT, comes down to emotional intelligence. You must understand your customer’s experience and relay that understanding to them. Knowing how they feel and how […]

How to Identify & Coach on the Most Effective Soft Skills

Those with strong emotional intelligence deliver bad news confidently, control calls easily, and prevent escalation. This is why I teach empathy, connection, and listening.  Meet with me for a 45-minute discussion on how to coach […]